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Demon Boy – discover the man behind the mask and the music.

Gothic Blend Talks to “Demon Boy” the most threatening new horror rocker on the scene. Because of our passion for music and dark, theatrical stage shows, you KNOW we just had to talk to “Demon Boy” to discover the man behind the mask and the music.

Gothic Blend is especially privileged to be joined by Demon Boy. Thank you for taking the time to sit down and visit with us.

*GB – When did you come up with the Demon Boy concept?
*DB – I created the concept in late 2008 and in February 2009 I officially released Demon Boy to to the public at Comic Con in New York City in front of 20,000 people, within 4 short months and with the help of a story on Fangoria TV Demon Boy was recognized as a new and upcoming act and I was on my way.

*GB – Demon Boy has 2 albums to date. Demon Boy and Dawn of the Demon. Are both albums self-produced?
*DB – Yes, the demo Demon Boy was recorded in 2009 in Ohio at Strawberry Fields recording studio and Dawn of the Demon was recorded in 2010 with my writing partner and guitarist at the time Steve Noir. Steve played all the instruments on that album as well as lay down the instrument tracks at his home studio and I did all the vocal tracks here at my home studio. It really was incredible how the two of us put that album together.

*GB – Can you give us some insight on your song writing process? Do you write all of the lyrics and music?
*DB – I write the majority of it yes. But I do work with outside artists with some of the lyrics, Rich Orth being my favorite collaborator. He has written Cemetery Girl and Zombie Dance with me as well as some songs that will appear on the next album. The process I use is to simply stick to a Horror related theme, dead girls, zombie, graveyards…you know good stuff!

*GB – In regards to music who are your biggest influences?
*DB – Obviously Alice Cooper, I also really like Wednesday 13 and Rob Zombie. My singing idol is Frank Dimino from the band ANGEL. While I do not sound like Frank I am greatly influenced by his vocal styling and inflections.

*GB – Who is in the current Demon Boy band lineup?
*DB – Johnny Hellfingerz is on guitar, Ken Huskey on Bass and Joe Arena on Drums. We fill out the live stage with guest musicians when needed. Guitarist Bo Roca has been touring with us this year so far.

*GB – I’ve read that you have just signed a contract for a tour in Japan. When will the tour start and how many shows will you be doing?
*DB – Yes I have signed with Elisabeth Dupont management who has taken the reins of the band and is beginning to expose Demon Boy internationally, with the Japan tour being only the start of what’s to come. The tour will take place in 2013. As of yet I cannot disclose the dates or length of the tour. But it will be stadium shows all the way and will happen in 2013.

*GB – Do you have plans to tour in the USA or Europe?
*DB – Yes plans are in line to continue after Japan with trips to London, Germany and more.

*GB – The Demon Boy brand has many noteworthy items associated with it from comic books to latex horror masks to music. Do you write and create the art work for your comics?
*DB – I write the story line and discuss it with my artist Helmut Eppich who does the pencils. Helmut then scripts out the story for the books from our conversations and my telling of the main story lines. Its a long process taking as much as 8-10 months to produce just one issue.

*GB – Do you create the latex horror masks in the Demon Boy lab?
*DB – No, those are created by my costume and stage prop designer Nick Petty of LSD Masks. Other than his work for Demon Boy, Nick has a great line of costumed masks and other novelties.

*GB – What has been the biggest surprise along the way?
*DB – Hmm…can’t say I’ve had any surprises. Everything has pretty much gone to plan to far. When we created Demon Boy we had a 5 year plan of what our goals were to be. We have stuck to that plan very tightly and so far we we are way ahead of our projected expectations.

*GB – What have been some of your biggest challenges along the way?
*DB – Can’t say that there are challenges. I’ve been in the music business a long time prior to Demon Boy and know my way around. If anything the challenge is getting by all the morons that claim they can help but really can’t deliver anything at all. I get offers all the time that I am constantly turning down. But with my new manager Elisabeth Dupont running things all those problems have been dissipated. She really has brought me to a new level and we are quickly moving along.

*GB – Thank you for taking the time for the interview. Gothic Blend and your fans wish you much success as you continue to take the music industry by storm!
*DB – Thank you it was my pleasure to be here.. D.B