Infinitum talks to author Rich Orth.

Infinitums Gothic Blend is especially privileged to be joined by Rich Orth. Thank you for taking the time to sit down and visit with us.

Tell us a little bit about who Rich Orth is.
Well, let’s see….I write dark poetry and also write lyrics for the amazing Horror Rock band DemonBoy! I am from Philly! Writer of poetry for just a few years…I like strolls in secluded parks and walks upon stormy beaches….I am the darkest happy person you shall ever meet..well, maybe.

Your poems deal with the darker side of life, where do you draw your inspiration from?
I thrive to be Dark, interesting and thought provoking. If I attain any of those 3 I did ok. My main inspirations are my wife, Lora & my daughter Caitlin….the thought of any loss of love brings about a cry from the soul………that line is now a teaser as that will be a new poem ..

Do you find that your ideas to write new material come at specific times of the day?
What an interesting question….I write anywhere, in bars…in my house ..driving in the car(My POEtry in Motion) I write almost any second except when at work…it gives me 50 hours a week to think a different way.

Can you give us some insight on your writing process?
I see something..hear a phrase ..and write….inspiration is at every turn…method to my madness is..take advantage of that moment and write quickly.

How long does it take you to write a new book?
I have many years of product….and I write constantly…sometimes several a day..but always at least 100 a year. I have at least 2 to 4 books worth as I write this, but I want and need to do a children’s book on my Siberian Husky Sobe ..he survived a stroke and much else…Then back to the DARKNESS!

Who are your main influences?
First and foremost Poe has been my literary inspiration. Some Lovecraft…also Hammer Films and William & Terry Castle as inspirations and mentors…Terry Castle is one of the greatest mentors ever, Terry made me , not just a poet, but a writer…sometimes it is just things in daily life. I see things in a different light than others…albeit a darkness!

You currently have one book of poetry published, POEtry Girls. Are you working on a second book?
Book 2 shall rise from the grave before February 14…Titled POEtry Girls II…Bloody Tis My Valentine! My literary agent, Wednesday Corey, wife Lora and longtime friend, Sherree Kopple are putting the package together. I am more involved, but will be and am still proud to be sharing the book with my fans via JWK Publishing!

The cover art on your book is beautiful. Who was the artist and how did you come in contact with them?
The cover is a manipulated version by William Cook of the artwork of my Dearest Raven…by the incomparable Alexander Kautz! Alex will be doing the cover art this time also…Alex is my Brother in the truest form and taking this journey with him, god it makes it sweeter! We met through the great horror producer/Director William Castle’s page and his dear daughter Terry…without Terry & Bill, the world would have missed out on many a wonderful collaboration by Alex & myself!

You also write lyrics for Demon Boy. How did you come in contact with Demon Boy and do you write all of the lyrics for his songs?
DB & I have been friends for several years. We met towards the demise of myspace and have been close ever since. DB loved my poem Cemetery Girl..He combined it with another of my poems and our 1st collaboration came to fruition. Since then we have done Zombie Dance & This Halloween..and we have much more in the works. I am not the sole lyricist, but we collaborate quite often..DB inspires my darkness!

What has been the biggest surprise along the way?
Wow…so many…1st is that people like my Poetry! I know many say its good..great. whatever…I am a skeptic…but friends and fans are changing my mind daily! Many things other than being published are the biggest are some of the best……. 1…My Poetry is part of the curriculum of an Italian High School…to proceed into a college you must pass me on your Maturity exam… 2. My book was seen in a movie..The Gilgo Beach Murders…To see it on the big screen at the Premiere was so ***** cool…Thanks to Wednesday Corey, LC Macabre, Adam Ginsberg & Joe DiPietro 3. I have my poem..My Night as Poe walled up inside the Poe Cottage in the Bronx NY…What an honor!! 4. Thanks to The Gilgo Beach Murders and the above mentioned I will be doing my 1st official book signing at The Macabre Film Festival in NY come mid January…..and I get to hang with DemonBoy for the entire weekend!

What have been some of your biggest challenges along the way?
Me……I doubt me daily…feel I might not be that good…Fortunately I have Wednesday & Lora to check myself..and so many friends and fans…They all make me better!

What words of encouragement would you give to other aspiring authors?
Go for it..I kept my work in a trunk for too many years..sharing only with the few…Give yourself up…bleed all over them…all you have to lose is anonymity ….

and as my final shout out.. To my Hockey following..sorry for the POEtry..
To my POEtry fans..sorry for the Hockey……………