Adoration 23.5cm

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Bring Spring to your imagination with the Adoration figurine, available as a part of Infinitum’s Premium high-quality giftware selection! A young auburn-haired fairy and a white hart sit together in a grassy meadow, flowers scattered around them. The stag is adorned with blue-green jewellery, green vines laced with its antlers as it serenely turns to look at its companion. The fairy gazes rapt at it, hands raised up to its the chin in love. Her yellow wings are studded with gems and fade to a deep forest green at the suggestions, matching her running sarong. A laurel wreath sits on her head, pearlescent bracelets around her arms and wrists. Cast in the finest resin prior to being adoringly hand-painted, this fantastic fairy figurine is ideal for any shelf or mantelpiece.

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