Belle 34cm

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Now Now available as a part of Infinitum’s Premium high-quality fantasy giftware variety, this lovely fairy figurine is perfect from bringing some calmness into your life. Resting on a snow-covered forest flooring, this white unicorn is subtly shaded with pearlescent yellows, pinks and blues. Their long white hair suspends as their head is turned, golden horn happily pointing forwards. They are looking towards a young, purple-haired fairy, leaning on their ideal flank and relatively asleep, her blue and purple butterfly wings unfurled behind her. Her long jade green skirt flows along the ground around her, and her thigh has a curling purple theme tattooed on– the same motif as is on the unicorn’s front. Cast in the finest resin before being adoringly hand-painted, this fantastic fantasy figure is a fantastic way to include an aura of calm and magic to any space.

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