Blue Moon (AS) Purse 14cm

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From the wonderful mind of world-famous fantasy artist Anne Stokes, this enchanted purse is now offered through Infinitum. In a wood at night, lit brilliantly by the full moon shining through a haze of cloud, a white unicorn sits serenely on the long yard, light showing off their flanks and horn. They look at you with an unnatural intelligence and peace, the tip of their horn glowing, as if the light was originating from within in some way. Against their side rests a girl with chestnut hair, her long blue dress flowing throughout the ground. A little sapphire is fixed in place on her forehead by a blue diadem. Overhead, a white owl soars through the forest, a magical herald bring a magical message. This portable purse is big enough to keep your cash and cards protected, however small enough for any pocket or bag, making it perfect for those who want a pointer of the magic worldwide close to them at all times.

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