Blue Moon Dreamcatcher (AS) 60cm


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Now available from Infinitum, this lovely fantasycatcher comes from the wonderful and untamed imagination of internationally distinguished fantasy artist Anne Stokes. With feathers hanging down from a sturdy external ring, this fantasycatcher suspends the magical artwork in the centre, enabling the magic to radiate outwards. In a wonderful forest, moonlight streams through the branches at night. A white unicorn sits serenely on the long turf, moonlight showing off their flanks and horn. They take a look at you with an abnormal intelligence and peace, the suggestion of their horn radiant, as if the light was coming from within in some way. Versus their side rests a young woman with chestnut hair, her long blue dress flowing across the ground. A little sapphire is fixed in place on her forehead by a blue diadem. A great method to add a touch of magic and wonder to any bed room, this fantasycatcher is an excellent present for anybody who wants their fantasys secured.

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