Blue Moon Lamp (AS) 30cm


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From the magical creativity of worldwide distinguished fantasy artist Anne Stokes, this captivating light is now Now available through Infinitum. In a wonderful forest, moonlight streams through the branches in the evening as a snowy owl skyrockets overhead. A white unicorn sits serenely on the long grass, moonlight showing off their flanks and horn. They take a look at you with an unnatural intelligence and peace, the pointer of their horn glowing, as if the light was coming from within somehow. Versus their side rests a young woman with chestnut hair, her long blue gown flowing across the ground. A small sapphire is fixed in location on her forehead by a blue diadem. Among Anne Stokes’ more captivating art pieces, the aura of secret and calm is only improved when the lamp is lit, stressing every information and making the captivated forest radiance.

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