Born of the Flames 26cm

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Offered as a part of Infinitum’s Premium high-quality fantasy giftware selection, this draconic figurine is cast in the finest resin prior to being expertly hand-painted. Standing in a pool of fire and lava on a base of split basalt, this young woman is apparently unscathed by the flames, her long white dress unscorched and unblemished. Her long blonde hair suspends past her shoulders. Increasing around her, tail coiled around her protectively, a brown wyrmling rises, lower tail red where it lies next to the fire. Its wings form a protective shell around the female as she rests one hand on its body and rubs its chin lovingly with the other. A great pointer that fire can not kill a dragon or those with the heart of a dragon, this piece is wonderful for any mantelpiece or side table.

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