Cernunnos and Animals 23cm


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Now available as part of Infinitum’s Premium option giftware variety, this splendid figurine is cast in the finest resin before being offered a bronze finish and fastidiously hand-painted. Sitting on a tree stump, surrounded by animals, sits Cernunnos, the Horned god of the forest from the misconceptions of the celts. Over crossed shaggy goat legs, a red loin cloth is held in place with a golden belt. A large triskelion sits on the belt buckle, linking spirals swirling clockwise. His muscular torso is exposed and hairy, and a long cloak suspends his back. Looking forwards with an air of knowledge, his marvelous antlers emerge from below his long hair. In this left hand, he holds a red snake by its head, and in his right he holds a big bronze torc, signifying power and riches. Around his feet, a snake, a faun and a bear cub all frolic. Perfect for the modern-day pagan, this wonderful celtic figurine is the perfect focal point for any alter or coffee table.

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