Cushion Pandora’s Box (LP) 42cm

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From the great imagination of world-famous fantasy artist Lisa Parker, this enchanting cushion is now offered through Infinitum. On a wood table, an inviting and ornate box sits, the gold keyhole set in the centre of the front. It captures the light and shines at you, nearly as if winking invitingly. Sitting on the table is a brass secret, the leading cast into an elaborate head centred around a pentacle. A brown paper tag is attached to it with string, and bears the single word “Pandora”. A black feline sits on top of the box, leaning forward and looking at you with amber eyes as if imploring you not to open the box of sorrows. On either side of the image is a vertical border with a light brown and blue duplicating pattern on a dark brown background. Soft and comfortable, this alternative cushion makes an excellent addition to any bed, sofa, or anywhere temptation might be discovered.

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