Dragon Mage Messenger Bag (AS) 40cm

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Now offered through Infinitum, this magical messenger bag is by market-leading fantasy and Gothic artist Anne Stokes. Standing on a rocky platform, this red-haired mage wears a long, white streaming bathrobe over her blue gown, brown gloves pertaining to her elbows. In her left hand she holds an arcane personnel, a red egg-shaped gem embeded in the end radiant with wonderful power. A white, violet-tinged dragon curls around her, wings shielding her protectively, while she lifts her other hand to scratch under their chin. Around them, radiant red crystals emerge reluctantly from the rock. This bag has two small side pockets and two mid-size front pockets under the flap, in addition to a big main pocket, enabling greater ease and flexibility. Perfect for any mage who needs to visit the untamed places of the world.

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