Kings Battle Armour 102cm


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Infinitum is pleased to bring you this historic medieval figure, offered as part of our Premium giftware collection. Standing tall on a base of cracked black rock, this full plate armour covers the wearer from head to toe in black iron, leaving no gaps to strike for. Ornate gold patterns cover the armour, marrying status to security and leaving no doubt that it is used by no common knight. The figure’s right-hand man rests on the hilt on a longsword stuck in the ground, while their left hand rests on their hip. A black cape completes the ensemble. Cast in the finest resin prior to being carefully hand-painted, this regal statue is best for any appreciator of historic or heritage giftware to display in their corridor.
Please note that as this is an additional large product, we do not typically keep it in stock but rather buy it especially for clients who request it. For that reason, please allow as much as 120 days for your item to arrive.

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