Little Shadows – Noire Lamp 30cm


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Offered from Infinitum, this Gothic round light becomes part of our alternative Little Shadows range, from the twisted imaginations of our own darkly gifted UK suppliers. A young fairy bases on a wooden floor, her blue-green and purple wings unfurled behind her. She looks at you quizzically from below her fringe, her long black hair framing her face. A crucifix hangs on a pendant around her neck, standing out versus her short-sleeved black top, while her green skirt billows out. The skirt has black ruffles and bears a pattern of skulls, while around her neck an onyx sits set in a black choker. She clutches a roughly-stitched voodoo doll made from sackcloth with her porcelain arms, while behind her the rococo-patterned wallpaper is coloured green and purple like a fever fantasy. The art work is printed around the lamp, ensuring it is backlit when the light is turned on and enhancing the surreal atmosphere.

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