Messenger Bag Fierce Loyalty (AS) 40cm

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Now offered through Infinitum, this wonderful messenger bag is produced by the captivated skills of world-famous alternative fantasy artist Anne Stokes. In a grand hallway, tough pillars flanking the marble-floored passage, a young red-haired female rests on the ground, a golden diadem around her head betraying her worthy origins. Her long blue dress streams across the floor, and sitting either side of her are 2 copper-coloured dragons. They curl protectively around her, the one to her right nuzzling her lovingly, as she rests her hands on their heads as if they were her family pets. She holds your gaze, unblinking and unafraid. Behind her, high arched doors tower, the windows of a gallery above them. This bag has two small side pockets and 2 mid-size front pockets under the flap, along with a large main pocket, allowing for higher ease and versatility. Perfect for anybody who wants to take the security of strong dragon pets with them wherever they go.

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