Messenger Bag – Water Dragon (AS) 40cm


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Now available through Infinitum, this wonderful messenger bag originates from the brilliant and abundant creativity of world-famous fantasy artist Anne Stokes. An elven woman rises from a mystical swimming pool, the pillars of some ancient temple rising in the background. She uses a stylish blue gown, an unique crown and a matching bracelet, the sharp spirals in contrast to the dragon tattoo on her arm. In her hands, she holds a small dragon, just lifted out of the water, coiling its tail around her arm and taking a look at her with curiosity as she smiles back. This bag has two little side pockets and two mid-size front pockets under the flap, in addition to a big primary pocket, allowing for higher ease and versatility. The fantastic Anne Stokes’ artwork does not just depict a scene but evokes a whole fantasy world and makes certain to draw attention.

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