Threshold by Selina Fenech 23cm


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From the wonderful creativity of world-renowned fantasy artist Selina Fenech, Infinitum are happy to bring you this fantastic fairy figurine. Kneeling in front of an enchanted door in a forest, a young red-haired fairy looks at you invitingly, her yellow dress pooling on the ground. Her clear, vulnerable butterfly wings behind you, she beckons you to step through the wooden door into a captivated world with her face. Around the door, the stone doorway is wreathed in ivy, roots and climbing up plants. Careful watchers will see that hidden in the foliage are sullen goblins, tranquil fairies and suspicious hamadryads peer out, informing you that this is certainly no ordinary door. Cast in high-quality resin prior to being meticulously hand-painted, this statuette is best for including a mystical and captivating portal to any space.

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