American Horror Story Goes Gothic.

The creators of American Horror Story have announced that Season 3, subtitled “Coven”, will take place in the Gothic setting of New Orleans and Kathy Bates will be joining the cast!

The creators of American Horror Story have announced that the next season of the edgy, creepy hit from FX will be set in the eerily appropriate location of New Orleans.

Much to the excitement of fans, several of the past sessions stars seasons will be returning, including Jessica Lange. To add a new element, Kathy Bates will be making her American Horror Story debut for the new season.

The third season of American Horror Story will reportedly feature witches. The news about witches appears to have previously leaked out, which caused some fans to conclude that season 3 would be in Salem, especially since the subtitle for this season is “Coven”. However, the rumors and speculation were put to rest when it was confirmed the new season would be set in New Orleans.

I am eager to see where the story line will go with incorporating witches this season. Previous seasons have included alien elements along with ghosts, murder and insanity with a story line that is wickedly crafted to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Reports say the show will be shooting on location this year. Hopefully that location will actually be in New Orleans which would add to the authenticity of the show. American Horror Story: Coven will begin filming this summer.

It will be interesting to watch the dynamic drama between the likes of Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange, both of which bring considerable talents to the table. I am looking forward to seeing what time period it will be set in and how they will portray witches and covens during that time in New Orleans. There are so many places they can go with this!

Who will be the witch will remain to be seen. But, if the writers hold true to the past two seasons no matter who plays what part, it will be worth watching this Gothic drama unfold, especially when you factor in the flavor and history of a setting such as New Orleans.

If you have never watched American Horror Story, I must warn you first, it is NOT for the timid, nor the faint of heart. American Horror Story is suspenseful, graphic and violent and depicts the worst, and sometimes the best, that humans can do, and have done, to one another.

Regardless of all the reports, fans of American Horror Story are already, eagerly awaiting American Horror Story: Coven, coming to FX October 17th, 2013.