Is Harry Potter A Wiccan?

Here we go again. Yet another Christian group is attempting to claim that Harry Potter seduces young children into embracing the Wiccan religion.

I really don’t understand how you can connect the Wiccan religion with Harry Potter. The magic and “witchcraft and wizardry” in Rowling’s books is that of fantasy and fairy tales. It involves wands, magic spells, and mythical creatures. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to the Wiccan creed. Wicca is a neo-pagan religion that reveres nature and the earth; deriving its deities, male and female, therefrom. Some practitioners of Wicca may cast spells, but they are nothing like the fantastical latin incantations found in Harry Potter. For instance, most Wiccans would not claim to be able to cast a spell that breaks natural laws as many spells in Harry Potter do; apparition (the ability to disappear from one location and reappear in another) for example.

I take issue with a couple of points raised in the article, for example:


Internet links and postings direct children from numerous Harry Potter sites to more serious ones educating about real Witchcraft and the fast-growing religion of Wicca.

I’ve visited over a hundred Harry Potter related websites. I’ve found very few references to Wicca on any of these sites. Conveniently, the author Steve Wohlberg fails to give even a single example of these prolific Potter/Wicca links.

Here’s another:


Not only has Witchcraft gone mainstream, but retail outlets worldwide openly display books on Witchcraft, Pagan worship and spells right next to the “harmless” Potter books and are enjoying the financial profits of this growing industry.

Boy, for someone calling himself a Christian he seems to offer up a lot of falsehoods. I’ve never gone into any bookstore and seen a Harry Potter display next to books advocating Wicca or the occult. That’s because there’s a whole seperate section of bookstores for that stuff. It’s usually called the Religion or Spirituality section. He may be familiar with it; it’s where they sell all the Bibles.

Here’s the clincher to Mr. Wohlberg’s triumvirate of made-up evidence.Beneath the fun, fiction, and fantasy, Wohlberg claims that Harry Potter endorses the world of Witchcraft (in contrast to the non-magical “Muggle” community) and attacks the very core of Judeo-Christian values now believed by millions of people.

Now I get it. Either Wohlberg has not read the books at all, or he is a person incapable of critical thinking. Quite obviously to anyone who reads the books, hatred or prejudice against the Muggle community is portrayed to be the trait of the evil villain Voldemort and his followers, not a condoned and sought after attitude. As for “Judeo-Christian” values, (because of course, we all know that Jews and Christians are the only people who have values), many of them are in fact centerpieces of the story. Rowling has stated time and time again that what makes Harry special are not his abilities as a wizard, but his ability to love. Themes of friendship, loyalty, good vs. evil, forgiveness, and sacrificial love are brought up again and again. What other “Judeo-Christian” values is Mr. Wohlberg looking for?