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Seeking the Truth between normal and paranormal.

Gothic Blend is especially privileged to be joined by Seek the Truth Paranormal. Thank you for taking the time to sit down and visit with us.

When was Seek the Truth Paranormal founded and where are you based?
We are based out of Muncie Indiana and formed back in February of 2011. We’ve had our ups and downs since then but have only grown stronger from each experience.

How many members do you have on the team?
We have a core group of three founders Rachel Conwell, Mark Fowler and DeWaine West. We also have a few fellow investigators we can call up for larger locations or just to change up the teams line up. We also love to have guest investigators join us from time to time as well, to help give a fresh energy to the group.

Do team members specialize in specific areas of paranormal investigation?
We try to all keep up on new investigation techniques, idealy we’d love for all of our crew to have the same base knowldge of the equipment we use as well as a basic knowledge of varying paranormal topics. When one of us hear a new theory or technique we bring it to the rest and work together to learn the best way to adapt it into our investigation techniques.

What type of tools do you use and which have given you the best results.
We use a wide variety of equipment from modified hande held video cameras and audio recorders to infrared night vision security cam systems to capture video and audio. But aside from the standard video and audio eqiupment we also use things like an E.M.F. meter for detecting electromagnetic fluctuations in the environment as well as, custom made static field sensors to measure both possitive and negative fields of static electricity. We use a lot of equipment over all including infrared digital thermometers for measuring the tempature in any area and an E.M.F. pump which generates an electromagnetic field some believe the entities can feed off of to become more “active” One of our favorite tools that have given us a lot of great intelligent responses has been the SB7 Spirit Box. We’ve had it give us direct names and even an S.O.S. response to knocking on the floor.

How many investigations have you done?
We currently have 12 or 13 cases under our belts as Seek the Truth Paranormal. We are working on more cases for 2014, already have a few lined up for this year so we are looking foraward to what kind of evidence each case will bring as each one is always diferrent.

which investigation was the most active in regards to paranormal activity?
It’s hard for us to say which was our most active as each case has yielded plenty of evidence and experiences to say that are each having paranormal events. It really depends on the person, each person in our group has had varying experiences at a given location so to each of us all of our cases have been equally active, as for strict evidence return, we tend to catch E.V.P.’s or electronic voice phenomenon at every location.

The teams popularity on FaceBook is really growing. How many people are now following Seek the Truth Paranormal?
We currently have a combined following of roughly 3 to 4 thousand folks from all age ranges. Our case episodes are posted to our youtube channell. We’d like to thank each and every one of them as well for their continued support, we’ll always stay true to our fans/friends cause to us they are our extended paranormal family.

Most paranormal investigations seem to take place at night. Can you do investigations during the day?
The age old debate of day time versus night time investigating. Personally our group from research and experience we tend to believe activity happens at anytime of day or night. We have noticed though in a lot of cases which are termed “residual hauntings” can take place day or night yet most cases which have what is known as an “Intelligent Haunting” seem to happen mostly at night. What the reason for this is we don’t know it’s just an observation made while studying multiple cases over time.

Do you charge for your services?
No, we have never asked for payment of our services. We don’t feel it’s just to ask to be paid for something that isn’t able to be fully explained nor proven. After all the field of paranormal research is just that, research. Proven facts are hard to come by in this field as it’s still not taken as serious science and to us it should be. We do accept donations all of which goes directly back into the group for equipment or to help with gas or cover charges to certain locations. No one from our group benefits personally from donations.

If someone thinks they have paranormal activity can they contact Seek the Truth Paranormal to perform an investigation?
Yes but due to the fact we are a non profit group we are restricted to budget restraints. We are willing to go up to 4 or 5 hrs drive time from Muncie Indiana if needed. We never charge a client and provide our own resources while there and after the case is over, if the client wants it we provide them with a copy of all our findings as well as additional help if needed.

Have you ever considered doing a reality type TV show?
We would love to do a television show at some point down the road if possible but only if we could retain creative control of both the show and group. We want to stay true to our name Seek the Truth and our message of paranormal unity, as long as a producer is willing to let us be honest about what we find if we find anything, cause a lot of times that happens..So if we can stay true to our family and true our cause then we’d love to take it to that next level but for now Youtube works alright, when it’s not freezing up from adds at least haha.

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